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Comprehensive Career Transition Coaching

 What if you DIDN'T ever again?  Hire a professional coach! Your  NextSteps Coach is actively transforming clients lives through career transition coaching and professional/life coaching.     Romy S Weiss would be honored to work with you too. 

Take your Next Step to have what your heart desires- professionally or personally! I truly believe you should  and can Love What You Do and Do What You Love! NextSteps Coaching & Consulting LLC helps people and organizations achieve their desired success.

Romy, Your NextSteps Coach helps clients:

  •  clarify what it is they truly want to do so that they can purse a comprehensive job search and find their ideal job;
  • discover a career path that inspires them so that they don't dread going to work and can have professional fulfillment;
  • I give you the tools YOU need to advance your career, find your voice at the table, and effectively and confidently communicate your story. 
  • build action-plans that multiple, executable steps that allow you to achieve your goals in a manageable and measureable manner;
  • develop and enhance their resumes and cover letters so that they get noticed among crowded applicant pool and can effectively tell professional story;
  • create a powerful social media presence through platforms like LinkedIn, so that they are visible and have a professionally appropriate presence online;
  • who are stuck in their current position (not getting a promotion or having lots of interviews but no offers) determine what is the stumbling block so that they can move forward and land the promotion or job offer;
  • add more hours to the day (sorry not really!) BUT I do provide my clients the tools to take back control of the figurative hamster wheel so they feel like they have more hours in the day because they have a better understanding  on where they spend their time, how to prioritize it and strategically plan out the week. Thereby, setting boundaries, planning ahead, enjoying more moments and finding work/life balance;
  • reinvent their careers by determining their transferable skills so they can build a strategy around how marketable, hireable and experienced they are and find a career path that aligns with their passions and purpose;
  • access their inner ceo and leadership team so that they can bring their best self forward in each situation and access your inner resources to accomplish goals and have more self confidence as well learn how to quiet your inner critic.

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No Matter Where you are on your Journey, I'll Meet you there

Nice to Meet You


Hey there! What do you want to be when you grow up? I can't wait to hear your story. Here's a snapshot of mine. I am a mom-preneur and figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up a little bit later in life. So now I help other people do that too! 

I'm all about being real, I tell it like it is and speak from my personal & professional experiences (as well as my trainings). I've got three children, a husband and a dog, we have moved a lot so managing transitions and finding a support system that isn't family has become my jam. My superpower is creative problem-solving and turning chaos into order. What's your superpower??

I enable, guide and empower overloaded and overwhelmed women (and men too) who are at a career crossroads to advance, change, return to and reinvent their careers so that they can find work/life balance and achieve their desired success. I truly believe you should love what you do and do what you love. Its my mission and passion to help you clarify what that is and strategically accomplish it. I give you the tools YOU need to advance your career, find your voice at the table, and effectively and confidently communicate your story. 

I really get it. I get you.

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Attention Jobseekers and Careerchangers: 

Your resume is the most critical piece of your career search process. The goal is having a resume that stands out in the crowded applicant pool. Grab the attention of the hiring manager and have them invite you in for an interview.

 The (Free) Rockstar Resume Tipsheet Will:

 - Highlight what you need to include on your resume (and what to leave off)

 - Clarify the different types of resumes and which is best fit for you (chronological vs. functional vs. hybrid)

 - Gives you prompts so that you stop staring at a blank screen and start writing your standout resume

 - Guides you to help make sure your messaging conveys what you want it to communicate.

>> Land your dream career!

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Ways to Work With Me


I meet YOU where you are...


As your NextSteps Coach, I offer a variety of coaching (career coaching, life coaching) packages to meet the needs of my clients.

Achieve your desired success through professional coaching via:

 > One-on-One coaching 

 > Group Coaching programs

 > VIP Intensive Packages (laser coaching programs)

Regardless of your package, you will strategically manage your career transitions and career search and have the tools to find work/life balance.

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...And support you every step of the way.

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