NextStop: Land Your Dream Career!

For the career-driven individual ready to navigate their career transition, build a comprehensive job search plan and land DREAM career with ease.

A 5-month group program where you will be given the complete and proven roadmap to a comprehensive career search.

Program starts week of Jan 21th. 

(Live Zoom calls will be Tuesday nights and will be recorded)

Group program includes

19 weeks of support with 15 live group zoom calls


Take Beth, for instance...

Beth W.

“I was dreading going to work and easily losing my patience. I just felt like my life was spinning out of control. I wanted to make a change in my career but since I was in my 40s I truly didn’t think I had any options and just felt stuck. After meeting Romy I knew that I there was a light at the end of tunnel and I did have options. Knowing she made a career change succesfully gave me the confidence to take the risk. By going through the Career Assessment and Career Exploration exercise with Romy and the all the steps she suggests for a comprehensive job search I was able to find a new career path that I love and now I have balance in my life and have landed my dream job!”

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Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: The Housewarming Party

Identify your inner leader and discover your superpower so you can start to show up as your best self in each situation and accomplish your goals with more self confidence.

  • Kick-off | Orientation | Welcome
  • Introductions and Designing Our Alliance
  • Meet Your Inner Leader and Leadership Team
  • Quiet Your Inner Critic

Week 2: Pump It Up - Without Breaking a Sweat!

Learn more about strength building and weakness busting so that you can identify your own value and articulate your skills in a way that showcases your experience and makes you more marketable and hireable. 

  • Strength building
  • Weakness busters and boosters
  • Value Mining
  • Goal Setting | Action Planning

Week 3: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Experience true Career Exploration & Assessment so that you discover a career path that inspires you so you can fully pursue a comprehensive job search and land your ideal job.

  • Clarifying Career Goals 
  • Titleless Job Description
  • Aligning Purpose, Passions & Profession


Week 5: Stand Out in a Crowded Applicant Pool - Part 1

Learn how to stand out in a crowded applicant pool by following my signature framework to a  Rockstar Resume and mastering your Elevator Pitch to share your personal story with ease.

  • Begin Developing Your Rockstar Resume
  • What is your elevator pitch - start thinking about your professional story
    • What is your why
  • This week will cover the top half of the resume

Week 6: Stand Out in a Crowded Applicant Pool - Part II

Pull all the pieces together to answer the burning question,”Why should your future employer care?”

  • This week focus on bottom-half of your resume
  • Why does your future employer care that you worked somewhere or performed the duty your did
  • Really pulls it all together

Week 7: Stand Out in a Crowded Applicant Pool - Part III

Master the “first impression” in the job hunt and learn how to write an engaging and customized cover letter that inspires the hiring manager to move you through the application process.

  • Write an engaging and customized cover letter?
  • Does it inspire the hiring manager to read your resume and invite you for an interview? 


Week 9: The Art of Effectively Communicating your Professional Story

Effectively communicate your professional story so that you can comfortably and confidently articulate your why and show how you are an asset to the organization and the ideal person for the position.

  • Are you engaging your audience?
  • Really starting pulling the pieces above together to start crafting your professional story
  • Elevator Pitch - different floors
  • Packaging & marketing your professional brand

Week 10: LinkedIn Makeover 101

Create a powerful social media presence, through the LinkedIn platform, so you are visible to your ideal employer and have a professional appropriate online presence.

  • All Things LinkedIn 
    • Profile Picture
    • Vanity URL
    • Headline - what’s your snapshot
    • Summary statement - what is your professional story
    • Groups | Connections | Messaging

Week 11: Your Digital Footprint - Yes, they are Googling you!
Fine tune your online presence by understanding how you’re currently showing up online and make strategic changes to increase your hireability.

  • Have you googled yourself?
  • Even if your personal accounts are private- what do people see? What are your pictures?
  • What other platforms should you be on professionally or what other groups should you be in professionally? 


Week 13: Revisit Career Clarification & Goal Setting

Tap back into your goals to declare your short and long term professional goals so that they are in alignment with your career path and then build your executable action plan, job searches and find best fit opportunities.

  • Review Job Market
  • Create Searches and Save searches
  • Build list of which industries will apply and explore
    • Which industries want to find connections or build connections

Week 14: Leverage Your Network

Evaluate your personal and professional network so that you can see who can help you “unlock or open doors” to help you more readily travel the career transition roadway.

  • Review your network and connect with them
  • CHALLENGE: attempt contact with new connections either information gathering with a company in industry exploring or person connection that could connect you to an opportunity
  • Start thinking about references

Week 15: Communication Bootcamp!

Find your voice, build your confidence and practice effectively communicating your professional story so that your message is heard accurately, your resume is noticed and your invited to interviews so you land your dream job.

  • Mock Interviews
  • How to effectively communicate your professional story
  • How to share your portfolio when they don’t ask to “see” it
  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts


Week 17: Application Process: Ready. Set. Apply. Repeat.

Receive the complete roadmap to clearly navigate the application process and stay on track towards your goals without the overwhelm.

  • Where will you apply
  • Customize and submit applications
  • Front door/back door method

Week 18: Your FitBit’s Gonna’ Be Busy...Next Steps! 

In addition to having the complete roadmap for the comprehensive job search plan, you will also have the tools to learn how to juggle your action plans, master your time management and better prioritize for more work/life balance.

  • Interviewing | Follow Up | Offers | Transitions

Week 19: Celebration Call

What are you waiting for?

Client Love!


“Thank you for giving my daughter a confidence boost. You provided her the tools she needed to go into her big exam knowing she could do this and was fully prepared and ready!”


“Asking for help isn’t always easy. Investing in myself seemed excessive when financially things were tight. Ultimately it was the best decision and good investment that paid off. By working with Romy, I stayed focused and on track, she helped me keep myself accountable, she provided me the tools I needed for a comprehensive job search. And I landed my ideal job!”

Emily S.

“Romy helped me transition from my big corporate job into something I absolutely love, founding Meeting House Farm & Infusion Herb Co. We worked through every aspect of the transition and she stayed with me every step of the way. I can honestly say that it would not have happened within a year of setting my  intention without NextSteps Coaching.”

Raphaelle A.

 “Romy is a wonderful coach. She will listen and poke at all the topics that need to be examined. She challenged me to go futher and dream big. I am very grateful I had a chance to work with her!”

Michele B.

“Romy helped me to conquer my fear of going to college for the first times in my forties after spending years telling myself I couldn’t do it. I am now a college graduate and working my dream job!”

Laura S.

“Right away Romy made me feel at ease. She truly heard what I was dealing with post pregnancy and helped me develop a strategy to be successful professionally while focusing on my family. I’m truly grateful for the tools and guidance I received from Romy.”


Bonus #1: 2- Private 30-minute coaching call

Bonus #2: Extra Live Calls with Experts (ie: Grammar Expert)

Bonus #3: Work/Life Balance training 

Bonus #4: Private FB Group

WHAT’S INCLUDED in Group Coaching Program:

  • Five months of group coaching with me, Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Coach, A Career Transitions & Certified Professional Coach, where I will support you every step of the way with group calls and in our private community for extra support.
  • Private membership site to access your workbooks, video trainings, complete schedule and bonuses to stay on top of your action plan.
  • Orientation Packet to help you become clear on your intentions for the program, become clear on your goals and clear space to allow for alignment of your purpose, passions and profession!
  • Live Orientation Call with Q&A + Goal Setting to prepare you for our time together and how to get the most out of the program from the very beginning.
  • 15 Live Trainings/Coaching Calls and Q&A time to deep dive into the weekly content and answer any questions in real time, I can't stress how valuable this time is.
  • Audio recordings from all Trainings/ Live Q&A calls so you can listen to and reference anytime you need as you work through the modules.
  • 14 downloadable course modules overall to provide you with the top strategies and all the steps broken down in modules for a successful job search.  Examples of modules include but not limited to: help you gain complete clarity on your career goals and learn the strategies and techniques to build your stand-out resume and engaging cover letter, understand what your digital footprint is and why its so important in the job search, learn how to leverage your network, identify where to look for job opportunities that are in alignment with your dream job, how to prepare for your job interviews, how to effectively communicate your professional story and more.

Weekly audio/video trainings to provide you with complete clarity on your career goals and support as you begin diving into the workbook and a behind the scenes look at how to handle all the steps on job search.

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About Romy

I am Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Coach. I truly believe you should love what you do and do what you love! I help adults who feel overloaded and overwhelmed, generally at a career crossroads change, reinvent, return to and advance their careers so that they can find work/life balance and achieve their desired success.

>> I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up in my 40's. YEP! In my 40's! I reinvented myself. So I truly know it can be done first hand.