Messages from those who have worked with Romy, Your NextSteps Coach...

"I can speak from experience to say that Romy offers thoughtful, direct, incisive ideas and perspectives - she is a great coach!" -Emily C

"After working, with Romy I was able to redefine my goals, refocus my efforts to be heard at work, and prioritize what direction I wanted my career to take. I realized my messaging was off and was ready for a change. With Romy's help, I was able to start effectively communicating and was equipped to start a strategic job search. Ultimately landing a new position at another company. I couldn't have done it without Romy's coaching." - Lisa G.

“Romy is attentive and intuitive. Her real gift is in motivating clients and opening their minds to the possibilities of growth both within themselves and their business. I highly recommend her!” –Pam S.

"I have worked with Romy and she is an exceptional coach! I highly recommend her." -Stephanie F

"If you are thinking of hiring Romy- you will be fortunate indeed as her energy is boundless at helping you reach your dream!" - Amy B

"Romy is a fantastic coach! She has coached me several times and she has really found her calling. If you are thinking about coaching, you should give her a try!" -Amy G

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