Introducing Me...

I am Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Coach. I truly believe you should love what you do and do what you love! I help adults who feel overloaded and overwhelmed, generally at a career crossroads change, reinvent, return to and advance their careers so that they can find work/life balance and achieve their desired success.

>> I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up in my 40's. YEP! In my 40's! I reinvented myself. So I truly know it can be done first hand.

>> I am a mom-preneur, I have three kids, a dog and husband. We live in Maine. And fun facts- each of my children were born in a different state. I love coffee, chocolate and red wine. And my superpower is creative problem-solving and being able to organize and thrive in chaos. Oh, and I'm obsessed with elephants. I believe they are good luck. My grandmother instilled my love for them and they bring balance to the world.

>> I bring to you my unique perspective plus my 22 years of work experience, my skills, my superpowers, my education and my professional coaching certification so you are in good hands!

>> I will enable, empower and guide you to successfully, creatively and strategically navigate your career transition journey EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

> I offer One-on-One and group coaching programs that help you strategically manage your career transitions, land your dream job and find work/life balance!

My (WHOLE) Story

Here is my story, I hope it connects to you. For the past 22 years I  have been working as a professional in the fields of marketing,  education and business development, both as a employee and consultant.  About 2 years ago I realized while I enjoyed my job and was good at what  I did, I wasn’t completely fulfilled and passionate about it. So I  started a self-discovery journey to figure out “what do I want to be  when I grow up?”

(SPOILER ALERT: I am now a Career Strategist and Certified Professional Coach. I love what I do an do what I love!) 

I realized that my calling was professional coaching. While I had  been doing some coaching in my current roles, I decided I wanted to  deepen my skill set with official coach training. Fifteen months ago I  started on the next steps of my professional journey. I completed my  professional training as a Career-development, Executive and Life Coach.  I graduated from the vigorous, yearlong certification program, from the  Coaches Training Institute (CTI) which is an International Coach  Federation (ICF) accredited program,. And I am now a certified  professional coach.  It was an amazing and life-transforming program.  The coaching model focuses on the whole person and builds upon all my  previous work experience, education and training as well as encompasses  my innate desire to help others.

As your NextSteps Coach, I work with individuals and organizations  that have reached a crossroads and need to get from here to there. This  can vary from wanting to switch careers (by the way- you are never to  old to reinvent yourself) to trying to get a promotion to seeking a new  business opportunity to improving your health/self care to improving  your relationships.

Regardless of your topic or challenge, together we will partner to  leverage your skills, recognize your inner resources, build your  strengths, maximize your potential and manage these transitions. As your  professional coach, I will guide you through thought-provoking powerful  questions and deep exploration of the answers, for you to find your  solutions. The results are astounding! During and between coaching  sessions you will realize shifts. You will find your head clear and  focused, you will be smiling more and taking the necessary next steps to  achieve your goals and dreams.

Now you may be thinking, why should I hire Romy, she hasn’t been  doing this coaching thing to long. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.  I’m bringing 22+ years of experience helping individuals, businesses and  organizations with public relations & marketing, business  development, educational consulting, business coaching, life coaching,  transition coaching, coffee talk/consultations, conflict resolution and  communications. My dynamic and strong interpersonal, communications and  listening skills will serve you to meet all your goals whether  professional or personal. I hold my MBA with a concentration in  Marketing from Temple University and a BS in Human Development from  Pennsylvania State University. Additionally, I am a certified mediator  through University of Southern Maine. I am a graduate of the Coaches  Training Institute and have passed all certification exams.

NextSteps Coaching & Consulting LLC

Helping people and organizations expand and enhance their personal,  educational and professional lives. While I can coach any person or  organization on any topic, the focus of my practice is  career-development, business development and personal growth for adults.  As your NextSteps Coach, I will guide you to discover what your  best-self (inner leader) and hearts desire look like and help you align  your passions with your purpose and passion. I truly believe you should  love what you do and do what you love!

I coach adults in any profession who want to improve themselves  through pursuing a new career, achieving a promotion, starting a new  business endeavor, business development or furthering their  education/training. On a personal level, I coach adults who want to find  more work/life balance, set boundaries, improve relationships, discover  their true inner passion, overcome challenges or bumps in the road  and/or live healthier lives.

Mission/Life Purpose

To be a resourceful and creative guide for people and organizations  on their professional, personal and educational journeys. To align your  passions with your purpose and profession. To help you unpack your  greatness.

“I am dedicated to helping women achieve their ultimate power of  living a balanced lifestyle with professional and personal fulfillment,”  exclaims Romy.

What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines professional coaching as  an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce  extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and  organizations. Through professional coaching, clients deepen their  learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.

Following the philosophy that clients are creative, resourceful and whole, the coach’s responsibility is:

  • Discover, clarify and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client in self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold client responsible and accountable

Clients can retain my professional services for weekly, bi-weekly,  monthly or as needed sessions or they may hire me to conduct and  customize workshops for their employees or management groups.

Next Steps…

Don’t wait any longer to expand, enhance or rewrite your story!

Take your NEXTSTEP now–Romy, Your NextSteps Coach is waiting to hear  from you. Contact her today to learn more or to schedule a complimentary  coaching consultation.

 Phone: 207.613.4516 Email: romy@yournextstepscoach.com                                               

Schedule your complimentary consultation today: http://romy-yournextstepscoach.acuityscheduling.com

Meet Romy, Your NextSteps Coach

Meet Romy, Your NextSteps Coach