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Hello! I am Romy, Your NextSteps Coach - Offering Customized Coaching Programs Made For You!

 Professional Coaching, just what does that mean?

Hiring a professional coach, whether it be a life, executive,  leadership, career-development or business coach, will help you reach  your personal and professional goals faster. NextSteps Coaching &  Consulting LLC helps individuals or organizations maximize their  potential and achieve self-defined goals and success in the fastest,  healthiest and most effective manner.

Coaching is  conducted over the phone or virtual meeting rooms so geography is not a  barrier.
My Signature Programs

Why I Focus On Career Transitions...

There is so much that I offer my clients as a certified co-active professional coach.  Clients can bring any topic they are struggling with to our sessions and we can break them down, dive deep, address and overcome. I will partner with you and meet you where ever you are and help you achieve your desired success. So whether you need a life coach, a business coach, an executive coach or a professional coach - I am here and I am ready.

That said, everyone has their passion, I talk about it all the time, right. I love coaching. I firmly believe in holistic coaching which means you bring  all of you and I will coach all of you. Yet, my coaching sweet spot, my area of focus is enabling, guiding and empowering women who are at a career crossroads to change, reinvent, return to and advance their careers thereby finding work/life balance. I teach you tools and provide you resources. I hold you accountable for your dreams and goals.  I am a career transitions coach.

>>I reinvented myself and I have managed the career transitions pathway. I found a way to find work/life balance. I do believe I have some control over the figurative hamster wheel. And I want to YOU to have  the same. I can help you BECAUSE I have been where you are and I understand. I get you. I am you. And now I will partner with you, so you can be who you truly want to be when grow up. It doesn't matter how old you are right now!

NextSteps Signature Programs- Work with Your NextSteps Coach

1:1 Private Coaching Program - Where to Next? Launch Your Journey to Your Desired Success!


Where to Next? Customizeable one-on-one coaching programs. Most packages are 5-6 months long, although can be as long you need.   

During our sessions you will acquire the tools you need to achieve your desired success, manage transitions, find work/life balance, navigate your career crossroad - change your career, land your ideal job & accomplish your goals. 

 - Clarify what you truly want to be doing 

  - Purse a comprehensive and strategic job search

  - Build executable action plans

  - Determine long term and short term goals and align them career goals and career path, then create action plan accomplish 

  - Develop and enhance resumes and cover letter so they get noticed.

  - Learn how to effectively communication your professional story

  - Tips on time management and organizational strategies as well as way to gain control of the figurative hamster wheel and find work/life balance

  - Build strengths and bust weaknesses, overcome perfectionism, build confidence and self-compassion

   - Learn how to access your inner leader and resources so you can bring your best self forward and quiet your inner critic.

  -Create a powerful social media presence, through platforms like LinkedIn, so that you are visible online in a professionally appropriate manner.

  - Help clients who are stuck in their current position (can't get promotion or get lots of interviews but no offers) determine what is the stumbling block so that you can move forward and land the promotion or job offer.

  -Help clients realize their transferable skills and build a strategy on just how marketable, hireable and experienced they are, learn how to own their value, find a career path that aligns their passions and purpose. 

This is NEXT step on your journey. 

What's included:

> 1:1 (private) 50-minutes coaching sessions where we manage your next steps

 > Unlimited email and text messaging access so you feel 100% supported throughout your journey

 > Private Client Folder

 >  Resources to support you and help you achieve your desired success!

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VIP INTENSIVE Program (1:1) - NextSteps to Your Desired Success

Romy, Your NextSteps Coach, Career transitions coach, CPCC

This VIP intensive is for someone who wants to dip their toes in the coaching world but not quite ready to make the full commitment yet. This interactive and comprehensive 1:1 coaching session will dive deep into one topic of your choice. 

This can be focused on resume/cover letter development, job search strategies, work-life balance, how to access your inner leadership team, gaining clarity on your true purpose and passion, or what ever one thing your heart desires or you need help with now.

What is included:

- 1 - 90 minutes laser coaching session

-  Followed by 30 days of unlimited email support 

-  1  25-minute Stepping Stones coaching session. (1:1 mini follow-up coaching session)

- Private client folder and resources and exercises to accompany coaching topic

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5-Month Hybrid Coaching Program - NextStop: Land Your Dream Career!

Your NextSteps Coach, Romy - Career Coach, Career advice

Ready to start your Career Transition Journey - Don't know how to start? 

Having a guide to navigate you on your pathway can be invaluable! You don't need to do it alone. You can benefit from the coaching and mentoring from your NextSteps Coach and the support of fellow jobseekers and career-changers in the community.

NextStop: Land Your Dream Career, will be a hybrid program. It will have a self-study component, video tutorials and live group coaching calls with hot seat coaching PLUS one on one coaching calls. It will be the best of all worlds wrapped up in one amazing community! 

This package is 5 months long which includes 14 modules and 15 group live calls in zoom room plus 2 bonus one-on-one coaching sessions. 

This program is for someone looking to change careers as well as someone looking to advance/uplevel their career. Focuses on resume/cover letter development, job search strategy, LinkedIn and Social media profiles and visibility, how to effectively communicate your professional story and much more! 

Plus, plus- ongoing support:

  >> a private facebook group

  >> unlimited access to me via email

  >> Private membership site/portal

>> Want more one-on-one coaching? Ask me about the VIP Package!


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Professional Coaching- Not Sure Yet

Your NextSteps Coach, Romy- a career coach.

Still on the fence. You aren't where you want to be in your life- whether it be work or another aspect of your life. You can't quite put your finger on it though. And none of the programs above speak to you. 

What should you do? DON'T GIVE UP. YOU CAME HERE FOR A REASON. We are meant to talk. I will meet you where you are. I customize programs to meet your needs. Or I will refer you to someone who is better fit. Either way, the conversation is full of benefits and risk-free. TALK TO ME. Let me hear you. I already see you. You took the big step, you got here. Click the button to book our strategy call. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain...Your dreams.

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Consulting Services

Your NextSteps Coach, Romy - the consultant

Sometimes you are looking for more of how do help than partnership like coaching. I offer consulting services as well. Consulting Services offered (but not limited to): Business Development, Strategic Planning, Communications Audits, Marketing Communications Plans, Educational Planning, Managing a Virtual Business

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Mediations Services

Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Coach is also a certified Mediator

In addition to professional coaching services, I am a certified mediator. If you would like to learn more about my mediation services, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Next Steps…


“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

Don’t wait any longer to expand, enhance or rewrite your story!

Take your NEXTSTEP now–Romy, Your NextSteps Coach is waiting to hear  from you. Contact her today to learn more about how you can start taking your next steps to get where you want to be. Learn more about NextSteps Coaching. See if professional coaching or Romy is the best fit coach for you. Schedule your risk-free, complimentary consultation (strategy) call now.  http://romy-yournextstepscoach.acuityscheduling.com

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